Witch’s Tail by Melanie Snow

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Can she awaken her dormant powers and stop a desperate killer from destroying the forest?

Sarah Spellwood feels she’s hit bottom. Divorced and jobless, she relocates to the enchanting village of Witchland intent on solving the murder of her late mentor. But as she pursues clues buried in the man’s fight to save the endangered forest-dwelling lynx, she makes an enemy of a ruthless land developer.

Encountering fairies in the woods, Sarah discovers she’s been repressing unique gifts passed down from her ancestor and founding witch, Lativia Spellwood. But though she can now hear her deceased friend’s dog speak, she isn’t sure her abilities are enough to expose the greed and corruption covering a killer’s lies.

Can Sarah work with magical beings to bring a murderer to justice?

Titles in The Spellwood Witches include – Witch’s Tail – Howl Play – Tail of a Feather – Impawsible Mischief – Pawtrayal –

Title:  Witch’s Tail
Series:  The Spellwood Witches #1
Author:  Melanie Snow
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  September 8, 2020
Rating:  4 stars

Welcome to Witchland, New Hampshire.  A magical small town where a killer lurks, a nasty real estate developer preys on the townsfolk, the woods, the town, and the creatures of the woods both magical and normal.  Sarah returns home to her roots in the opening story of The Spellwood Witches series, Witch’s Tail.

While Sarah was quite happy leaving her small town, and the so-called legacy it carried for her far behind for a life in the big city… life hasn’t been so great there lately.  Her boss is as nasty as they come, her now ex-husband not far behind so Sarah’s dumped one and quit the other.  An unexpected surprise tied to her front door in the form of her mentor’s dog Addie leads to learning of a good man’s death, a return home to take over the law practice she’s been left, along with the adorable and talented Addie.

Soon Sarah will begin to learn that her mentor’s death was more like murder, that the real estate developer has eyes on the woods and the town for ulterior motives (like razing it all and redeveloping)… and that those magical abilities she’s scoffed at for years are paying her a visit now.  She’s always disliked the fact that she’s descended from the founder of Witchland,  Lativia Spellwood but it’s hard to deny when she can suddenly hear her dog’s conversations with her, a ghost is directing her, her magic is coming alive again, and magical fairies can be seen in the woods (at least by Sarah).  Add into the mix one handsome man of the law, and a certainty that her mentor was murdered and you have reason to dive into Witch’s Tail without delay.

I had fun in this world and will definitely be following the series.  If you love a good Paranormal Cozy Mystery then The Spellwood Witches may be just right for you, too.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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