Witch In Charge by Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

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It’s all fun and games until Kelly’s gargoyle statue turns into a real man…

If there’s one thing Party Witch Extraordinaire Kelly Holloway likes, it’s a good time. So what if her coven thinks she’s so immature they’ve tacked an extra year onto her wardship? Of course, that’s why it’s such a surprise when she learns she’s inherited Hollow House. Oh, the epic ragers she plans to throw!

But all isn’t Jello shots and booty calls. Not only does she have to deal with two quirky roommates she’s forced to take in, a snarky vampire living in her basement (rent-free, no less!), and a curmudgeonly new boss who doesn’t find her habitual tardiness the least bit charming, but also a pesky sentient house that seems hell-bent on thwarting her love life.

Things only get weirder when the gargoyle statue she’s been messing with for months turns into a man. A hot man. The hottest she’s ever seen. And Ronun’s not a fan of Kelly’s…at all. Considering all of the fun outfits she’s dressed him in, she can’t really blame him. But…dayum. He’s so fine even Hollow House seems to like him.

Whatever. Kelly has far more important things to focus on–such as finding her family’s missing spellbook so she can figure out how to rein in the uncontrollable Hollow House, impress her dubious boss, and break the curse that turns Ronun to stone for half the day.

Hey, no pressure or anything!

Titles in the Real Men Love Witches series include – Witch in Charge

*there is a slight connection to other series*

Title:  Witch In Charge
Series:  Real Men Love Witches
Author:  Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Chick Lit
Publication Date:  December 15, 2021
Rating:  3 stars

Witch in Charge turned out to be a story that I’m very torn about.  There were moments when the expected humor and turn of phrase by these two authors brought the expected laughter and chuckles.  But those were few and far between for me.

The story itself was interesting, there are characters introduced that I would like to see where their journey takes them, so I’ll most likely pick up the next story in this series.

Unfortunately, the reason I simply could not get into or really like Witch in Charge comes down to one character, the main girl, Kelly.  There was nothing about Kelly that I could like to be completely frank.  I continued with the story hoping that her redeeming moment was about to happen – and for a short time I thought she had – but then she went back to even worse than before in her behavior, her attitude, and her words to the man she supposedly loves.  Then came the moment when I was just done with Kelly.  I finished the story to see what happened to Ronun and the other roommates… but Kelly was beyond redemption for me.

I snuck a peek at other reviews and found them to either love beyond description or similar to my own kinda liked but not enough for a high rating.  I’d considered DNFing this one at several points yet there were those other characters I wanted to know how Witch in Charge turned out for them.

So.  Yeah.  Torn is the best description I can find for my reaction to this story.  It’s obvious that this is a story that many readers love – so my final thought is this:  I didn’t love it but I’m sure there are others who will, and I’ll give the series another try with the next book.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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