Witch Forgotten by V. Vaughn

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Welcome to Night Meadow Island, where love is flowing, sisters rule and magic is real.

When Corinne Knight wakes up with amnesia, she doesn’t know how to use the magic her family claims she has. Considering she and her twin run a magical baked goods business, the fact that she can’t remember how to spell the recipes is bothersome.

But that’s not her biggest frustration; her attraction to Noah Wilson is. Because even though he seems open to a relationship, Corinne senses something in their past has kept them apart, and she’s afraid it’s so big she’ll regret letting him into her heart again.

Noah Wilson isn’t sure what the Knight women are thinking when they push Corinne at him knowing she can’t remember their tumultuous relationship that crashed and burned.

He knows going along with their plan to minimize the problems he and Corinne had is like making a deal with the devil, but he can’t help hoping that it’s a chance for the woman he’s always loved to realize her true feelings too… Before her memory comes back to ruin it all.

Series – Witches of Night Meadow = #1 Witch Forgotten – #2 Witch Remembered – #3 Witch Smitten – #4 Witch Discovered – #5 Witch Scorned – #6 Witch Enchanted

Title:  Witch Forgotten
Series:  Witches of Night Meadow #1
Author:  V. Vaughn
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  July 7, 2019
Star Rating:  3.5

Witch Forgotten begins the Witches of Night Meadow series with a tale of a witch with amnesia who was apparently very good at holding a grudge against the man she loves but will no longer acknowledge that emotion to him, and more importantly, to herself.

Noah has returned to Night Meadow Island after an injury ended his football career, the very career and choices he made long ago that lead to losing the woman who held his heart.  Even though Corinne cannot remember their past, Noah is fully aware of what happened between them.  Her family has convinced Noah that Corinee’s amnesia is the perfect time for a second chance at getting their love right this time around.  Noah is playing with fire, and he knows it… but for the chance at having Corinne back in his life, he’ll take the risk.

I am so torn on Witch Forgotten.  It’s a good story, I’ve enjoyed this author’s work in the past so it’s not the storytelling that has me conflicted here.  It’s what the characters do that doesn’t sit well far too often.  Corinne has an injury bad enough that she cannot remember the past or even be certain that some of her memories of what she can do are correct.  Under those circumstances, I would be so angry when I recovered to find that my mother, my sisters, and yes, even the guy I still love manipulated me while I was vulnerable.  That I gave a jerk who I’d ignored for a very long time because of the pain, hurt, and humiliation he caused back then yet another chance to maybe do it all again in the present, just didn’t feel right.  It makes a good story but I felt uneasy throughout the story knowing facts that Corinne didn’t.

Corrine and Noah will have a short time to find their way back to each other, and Noah knows he’s on borrowed time.  When Corrine does fully recover her memories, neither she nor Noah is exactly sure what to do with their relationship now.  Watching them figure that out was an enjoyable experience.

So.  I had fun here, even when there were parts of the story that made me uncomfortable, I still enjoyed the overall story and most of the characters.  I will pick up the next book in the series and see how my reactions change with a different couple.  Not committing to continuing the series just yet… but it’s possible.

I own a Kindle edition of Witch Forgotten.

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