Wishing Moon Bay Universe

I love series that cross.  I always have and suspect that won’t change any time soon.  Harmony Raines has created a fun, charming, intriguing, sexy world in Wishing Moon Bay that does, upon occasion, have a tie with her other long-running universe of Bear Creek/Bear Bluff.

While the Bear Creek world is, for the most part, all about Shifters those titles are over on my Shifter Haven website.  The Wishing Moon Bay series has all sorts of magical beings like shifters, fae, vampires, witches, and who knows what else before the series concludes.

These are the series that connect with the Wishing Moon Bay world… and, of course, any new series will be added as they are launched.

The Bond of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay Shifters)

  1. The White Wolf of Wishing Moon Bay – Logan & Penny
  2. The Horse Shifter’s Mate – Dario & Helena
  3. Her Fae-vorite Bear – Aiden & Flora
  4. Fae-ted to the Bear – Caleb & Elsie
  5. The Snow Leopard’s Love – Rift & Belle
  6. The Dragon Shifter’s Desire – Ivan & Larisa

then came…

Dragon Protectors of Wishing Moon Bay

  1. The Dragon Defender’s Destiny – Egan & Luna
  2. The Dragon Guard’s Duty – Matheus & Ellen
  3. The Dragon Shifter’s Savior – Joron & Dove
  4. The Dragon Rogue’s Ward

shortly after the first story of dragon protectors came… a PWF series…

Wishing Moon Magic

  1. Wish Upon a Midlife Moon – Silas & Meredith
  2. Blood Moon Rising –