Wish Upon a Midlife Moon by Harmony Raines

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With a failed marriage and a daughter on the cusp of coming into her magic, Meredith is returning to Wishing Moon Bay and her family home. A home that holds secrets and sorrow.

But Primrose Cottage also holds love and laughter. Just what a forty-something mother of two needs to avert a midlife crisis.

All she has to do is deal with an old high school adversary, who likes to remind Merri she is the only member of her family who has no magic and heal her broken heart while finding a new job.

However, when the magic starts to misbehave, Meredith wonders if this new start might not be a good idea after all. But she’s not ready to quit. Magic or no magic she will protect those she loves.

Silas is a centuries-old vampire who made a choice long ago to hide his true feelings from the only woman he’d ever loved. Why? Because he couldn’t give her the one thing she craved.

But now she’s back.

However, his true love isn’t the only thing that’s back in Wishing Moon Bay. Something is stirring.

Something old. Something greedy. Something that lurks unseen in the shadows.

Titles in the Wishing Moon Magic series include — Wish Upon a Midlife Moon – Blood Moon Rising –

This series is part of the Wishing Moon Bay world which also includes these series (more details on our Wishing Moon Bay page) — The Bonds of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay Shifters) — Dragon Protectors of Wishing Moon Bay — Wishing Moon Magic —

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Wish Upon a Midlife Moon
Series:  Wishing Moon Magic #1 (connection to the Wishing Moon world)
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  October 7, 2021
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Wish Upon a Midlife Moon begins the Wishing Moon Magic series which also connects to two other series within this new world, The Bonds of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay Shifters) and Dragon Protectors of Wishing Moon Bay.  I’ve loved Harmony Raines’ other series connecting world of Bear Creek so much and was enchanted and delighted to find another world that interconnects through different series — plus there is a slight connection to that beloved Bear Creek world as well.  All of this is mentioned so that should you not know this then you can look forward to even more stories that share a connection with some of the people you’re about to meet in Wish Upon a Midlife Moon… especially Silas.

Meredith left Wishing Moon Bay years ago to live in the world beyond.  As the daughter of and sister of witches, Meredith has no magic herself and felt that her life belonged beyond the protection of this small magical town.  Right or wrong, it was her choice but now she’s returning as a divorced mother of two who is starting over midlife.  Her daughter, Bridgette, is coming into her own magic now and it was decided that returning to Wishing Moon would be the safest place for her to explore these new powers.

When other girls around Bridgette’s age and also of an age to come into their own magical powers go missing, Meredith begins to second guess that decision.  Home isn’t the safe, protected place she’d always believed it to be — but would she pay the price for returning by losing her daughter to forces unknown?

Wish Upon a Midlife Moon is most definitely the starter book of this series, and by that I mean there is a lot of world-building in this tale, yet also some explanations that can apply to the entire set of connecting series as well.  Silas, a vampire who can and does protect by hiding memories, has always felt a pull to Meredith, an attraction that wasn’t acted upon before she left town, but one that is strongly felt when the bonds connecting them are introduced and strengthened by the situations faced in this first book in the series.  Silas had his reasons, yet some things have changed for this centuries-old vampire, changes that could lead to happiness with the one woman he’s always loved… eventually.

This is not a cliffhanger, but it is, in my opinion, an introduction to this town, its history, and some of its residents.  Paranormal Women’s Fiction doesn’t always have strong romance vibes, but it does always have strong women coming into their powers, their strengths, and their tribes… and sometimes there is a discovery of love within that strength and power.  We’ll get a front-row seat to see what will develop between Meredith and Silas over time.  I see several “power of three” relationships in this first story and I’m looking forward to how they flesh out.

I was easily caught up in Meredith’s story, tried to unravel clues as they were presented, and once again, lost myself in the work of a good storyteller.  If you enjoy Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a hint of romance, then you’ll want to start this series right now.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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