Want To Read

There are ‘tons’ of books that I’d love to dive into, ya know?  But time, and sometimes cash flow makes that not so possible.  *shrug*

I’ve discovered that many of my favorite ‘Shifter Romance’ authors also have themed series based on other supernatural characters… and I’m all for that especially as I already know and enjoy the author.

So here are some of my newly-discovered want to read series (and no, they aren’t all brand spanking new… but new to me!)

(at some point I’ll begin author pages to keep better track, as of right now, Paranormal-y Romantic is simply too new & too small …but soon)

Knight Protectors by Celia Kyle
  1. Nibbled by the Vamp
  2. Big Bad Vamp
  3. Poking the Vamp
Real men of Othercross by Celia Kyle (with Marina Maddox)
  1.  Vampire Seduction
  2.  Vampire Claim
  3.  Vampire Temptation
  4.  Vampire Reunion
Winter Witches of Holiday Haven (5 book series/multi-authors/all Nov. 11th release date
  1.   Sleigh Spells by Bella Falls
  2.   Reindeer Runes by Danelle Garrett
  3.   Holiday Hexes by J. L. Collins
  4.   Winter Wishes by Elle Adams
  5.   Coco Curses by Erin Johnson

Interesting tidbits of information:

  • Did you know… that author Molly Fitz (who wrote the Paranormal Temp Agency Cozy Mystery series also writes as — Melissa Storm & Mila Riggs?  Yep.  No secret, it’s in the back of her book, the part that so many people just flip through without reading 🙂

Series to check out… one day

  • Curse of the White Tiger by Mila Riggs (The Secret Academy #1)
  • No Lathering Matter by S.E. Babin (Magical Soapmaker Mysteries #1)
  • Spooks For Sale by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson (Magical Real Estate Mysteries #1)
  • A Get Witch Quick Scheme by Michelle Francik (Bewitching the Rich Guy #1)
  • Havoc and Hauntings by Izzy Wilder (Channeling Ghosts for Beginners #1)
  • If The Cursed Shoe Fits by Nyx Halliwell (Once Upon A Witch #1)