The Midlife Prelude by Lia Davis

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Omega wolf shifter, Matilda Carol, is about to change her life forever. Starting over at forty-five isn’t the scariest thing she’ll have to face in her new life. But she’ll pay any price to gain her independence. Even if it means she has to die in the process.

Faking her own death and moving away from the only home she’s ever known is intimidating, to say the least. Especially when Mattie has been sheltered and controlled by her uncle all her life. It’s a good thing that her BFF, Julie, is a powerful fae with connections to several paranormal factions that have all sworn to keep Mattie hidden from her uncle.

When Julie goes missing, Mattie will not rest until she’s brought home. But she’s never investigated a missing person case before—or any other case.

When the police can’t find any trace of Julie, Mattie does her own detective work with the help of a vampire king, a witch, and a mysterious hottie who stirs her inner wolf’s mating urge. Wow. She didn’t see that one coming.

Mattie may be packless in Seattle, but she’s in control of her own destiny for the first time in her life. She’s not about to waste this opportunity.

Titles in the Packless in Seattle series include — The Midlife Prelude – The Midlife Shift –

This is an adult 18+ story that might contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Midlife Prelude
Series:  Packless in Seattle #1
Author:  Lia Davis
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Released:  January 18, 2022
My Rating:  4 stars

The Midlife Prelude begins the Packless in Seattle series with an intense story that kept me captive throughout.  I will mention up front that this one does end on a cliffhanger (which is not my favorite thing in the world), yet it’s done in such a way that continuing on is guaranteed for you’ll want to know what comes next. (If you cannot stand cliffhangers at all then you could wait until the series is complete and read them back to back as an option.)  This story is short but packs an impressive punch that almost demands that you continue on to tie up those loose ends while perhaps setting up for more of them to come.  The cover description blurb gives you a very good idea of this story before you pick it up – and since I don’t willingly do spoilers there is enough in the blurb alone to grab your attention.

I liked Mattie, I enjoyed watching her come into her own as she faces down her nasty uncle who has had her under his control for far too long, sets out to find her best friend, creates her own crew of friends (perhaps more) to believe in her and her mission to find Julie, and begins to realize her own strengths that have been hidden from her for years.  There are moments of laughter, tears, and danger.  I want to know what happens next, which is why that cliffhanger ending didn’t bother me as much this time.

I will mention the formatting/editing of the edition that I read.  It really needed some work, pulling me out of the story often because of that… I’m hoping that it’s been mentioned enough that it has been fixed by now.  I don’t like to nitpick, that’s not my intent, but when things pull me out of a story’s world abruptly it gets… annoying, to be frank.

In all, I had a good time with The Midlife Prelude, it’s an intriguing setup for the rest of the series, and I’ll be following along to see what happens to Mattie and friends over the coming books.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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