The Magic Under His Nose by Candice Gilmer

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This veteran Fairy Godmother thought boys would be easier. Was she ever wrong!

Christy normally deals with girls in her fairy godmother gig, but ready for a challenge, she decides this time, to take on a boy.

Helping Roark Turner find his perfect girl certainly wouldn’t be a challenge for a veteran fairy godmother.

Especially one who is about to retire. Even with as little magic as possible.

After all, Roark’s perfect match is his best friend Stephanie Bowers—best friends since kindergarten. It should have been easy.

But Cupid starts shooting arrows into Roark, forcing the mortal to fall in love, and bending his will.

Christy must get Roark and Stephanie together without changing either of their free wills, ruining her perfect record, and thwart Cupid’s meddling, or she’ll never get her own Happily Ever After.

Series – Guys and Godmothers = #1 The Magic Under His Nose – #2 Magic Right Before His Eyes – #3 Magic That’s Just His Taste

Title:  The Magic Under His Nose
Series:  Guys and Godmothers #1
Author:  Candice Gilmer
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  December 13, 2018
Star Rating:  4

I had read The Magic Under His Nose a few years ago but recently realized that I had not finished the series.  I know, right?  So, it was time to do a quick re-read, take a trip back with my favorite godmothers, and enjoy their antics all over again.

I can’t remember the last time I chuckled more at the antics happening in a romance. The Magic Under His Nose definitely made my evening.

Fairy Godmother Christy is due for retirement. It’s time but she’s set up a challenge with two other Fairy Godmother friends as her send-off case. Usually, the charges of the Fairy Godmothers are girls – but for this challenge, it’s going to be three guys to get their HEA while using as little magic as possible. Surely for a trio of experienced Fairy Godmothers, this is a simple task. Yeah. Right.

Three friends have just watched another of their friends get his happily ever after, and the guys admit that they want what he now has. The love of his life, the marriage, the house, the kids one day, all of it. But so far their luck hasn’t actually run toward the happily ever after dates.

Roark was once again his friend Stephanie’s stand-in date. A wedding planner, and a long-time friend it wasn’t unusual for them to be each other’s go-to date for these types of events. Roark and Stephanie had known each other since childhood and often worked together as a result of their chosen careers. Her’s as a wedding planner and his as the “nose” of his family’s perfume company. If there was ever a shimmer of something more between then neither one acknowledged it. Especially Stephanie. While Roark has grown up in a secure, wealthy family, Stephanie’s mother was perhaps one of the most unstable mothers around. She was always looking for that ticket to wealth and status among the wealthy men who passed through her life. But she was the affair and never the wife and over the years her bitterness towards the wealthy had filtered down to Stephanie as well.

Stephanie would never, ever admit that she had a soft spot for Roark and if life had been different for her she might have tried for more… but she was the girl from the wrong neighborhood, the girl that Roark and his father had always rescued from one of her mother’s neglectful periods. He would never in a million years look at her romantically, and she’d never pull him down by not being perfect for him. So best friends were all she ever expected.

Enter Christy and a few of Cupid’s minions set on mischief and you have a wonderfully charming, smile a minute, happily ever after kind of fairy tale. Eventually. It’s going to take a lot more magic than Christy had allowed getting these two to see how right they were for each other. Not to mention keeping a trouble-making Cupid at bay. Just when it seems all is lost, Roark is offered a bit of Matrix-style magic, and understanding why suddenly makes Stephanie’s actions more clear. But she’s still stubborn, so Roark is going to have to work hard to get his happily ever after – and Christy as well if she ever expects to retire, let alone win the challenge.

I adored this story and the smile factor is certainly high. If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted touch of magical romance then The Magic Under His Nose is a perfect match. My recent re-read was just as much fun as the first time around.  Originally, parts of this review were posted on a blog of mine that no longer exists… damn hackers.

I own a Kindle edition of The Magic Under His Nose.

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