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The Snow Leopard’s Love by Harmony Raines

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Belle is done with men. Her husband left her and their children for another woman and never looked back. All she knows about her father is that he was a bad man who wound up dead because of his bad ways.

So why does she feel compelled to trust the man in front of her? A man who is obviously lying when he says he’s a snow leopard shifter. There’s no such thing as shifters. Just like there’s no such thing as true love.

Belle’s about to discover she’s wrong about a lot of things.  She’s also about to learn that Rift is the right one for her.

Rift has found his mate, at last. But Belle doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Somehow, he must persuade her that they’re meant to be together forever. However, she wants him to turn around and walk straight back out of her life.

It’s what she wants. He can see it in her eyes.  What’s a shifter to do?

When Belle and her family are threatened, Rift is the one, she calls on for help. He grabs the opportunity to show her what being a shifter’s mate is all about.

But a new discovery threatens the safety of not just Belle’s family, but Rift’s too.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in The Bond of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay) series include – The White Wolf of Wishing Moon Bay – The Horse Shifter’s Mate – Her Fae-vorite Bear – Fae-ted to the BearThe Snow Leopard’s Love – The Dragon Shifter’s Desire

The Wishing Moon Bay world has expanded to a spin-off series (Dragon Protectors of Wishing Moon Bay) and a PWF series (Wishing Moon Magic) … so far… all set in the same town.  To learn more please check out our Wishing Moon Bay Universe page.

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