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Witching For Hope by Deanna Chase

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Hope Anderson loves her life. She has a great business that’s thriving, the best friends a girl could ever have, and a coven she can count on. Oh, and she’s been single for over fifteen years and likes it that way… until the love of her life, Lucas King, walks back into town and throws everything she thought she knew about herself into chaos.

If that wasn’t enough, now her mother is in town to warn her about a curse that happens to all the Anderson women when they turn forty-six, and she isn’t talking about hot flashes or mood swings. But maybe the curse isn’t so bad, because now someone is distributing dangerous drugs in their quaint town and Hope’s going to need that curse to bring down the drug dealers and save everything she loves about Premonition Pointe. The question is, will Lucas prove he deserves to be traveling that line with her, or will she walk away just the same way she did fifteen years ago?

Titles in the Premonition Pointe series include — Witching For Grace – Witching For Hope – Witching For Joy – Witching For Clarity – Witching For Moxie – Witching For Kismet 

*although book six ends this series, look for a spin-off set in Premonition Pointe in Spring of 2022 – Miss Matched Midlife Dating Agency which begins with Star-Crossed Witch*

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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