Sweatpants and Spells by Keira Blackwood

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I knew hot flashes were supposed to be hot, but I didn’t expect flames.

One day I’m in anger management, normalizing the cordial hate between me and my husband.

The next, we’re divorced and he has taken both our house and the business we built together. I’m forty years old and living above our empty restaurant, plotting my next move.

And then the world around starts lighting up—literally catching on fire. I’m starting to think my defining characteristic may not be my snark or my cupcake-baking prowess, but spontaneous combustion.

I’m done suppressing my anger. I’m done playing by other people’s rules. Ready to take the reins on my destiny, I’m making the choices I used to be too afraid to make. Like my favorite cast iron skillet, women get better with age. And at forty, I know exactly who I am and what I want.

I’ll embrace the fire and the fury. This is my life, and I’m in control.

Series – Midlife Magic in Marshmallow = 1. Sweatpants and Spells 2.  Scrapbooking the Supernatural (April 2021)

Title:  Sweatpants and Spells
Series:  Midlife Magic in Marshmallow #1
Author:  Keira Blackwood
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Publication Date:  October 13, 2020
Star Rating:  4.5

When one of my favorite Shifter Romance/Paranormal Romance authors releases her first Paranormal Women’s Fiction title… well, I just knew it would be good, but actually, it was amazing.

Sweatpants and Spells begin the Midlife Magic in Marshmallow series with a funny, sarcastic, surprise-filled story that kept me flipping pages from the beginning until the final page… and then I wanted even more.

Remi’s life is about to change drastically.  She’s on the way to her ex-husband’s daughter’s wedding hoping to avoid the pond scum but that’s not what’s on the agenda… and so it begins.

Sweatpants and Spells will definitely deliver all the snark, sarcasm, and surprises that I expect from this author along with secondary characters that I want more of, a new love interest to devour, and a few flames to learn how to control.  I laughed out loud, got annoyed at events, got swept up in the story, and didn’t want it to end.

Am I being a bit vague?  Yes, I am.  You should experience Remi’s story firsthand and not through another reader’s words.  It’s a funny, intense introduction to this new world full of bad guys, good guys, fantastic friends, and unknown as well as untested abilities for Remi.  I had such fun and can’t wait for the next installment in this series.  But, seriously, you need to discover this PWF series for yourself, I’m betting you’ll be hooked and wanting more.

I own a Kindle edition of Sweatpants and Spells.

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