Storm Shift by Calinda B.

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“Your power–it’s in the blood.”

Those were the words her grandfather said to her from wherever the dead reside. Now it’s up to her to find out what that really means.


Her grandparents were found dead in the lake. Boating accident? Not likely. Newly elected town manager Chia is determined to find out who murdered her beloved granddad and grandma.


Her new position requires her to see to the needs of the people, including the shifters, of Charming, Alaska. When a shifter turns up dead, shot by a mysterious hunter, her determination to find the murderer grows.


There are not too many men to choose from in Charming, Alaska. Can the sexy, insane bounty hunter who wants revenge for the death of his niece, winnow his way into her heart?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Series – The Charming Shifter Mysteries = #1 Storm Shift  #2 Power Shift – #3 Blood Shift – #4 Soul Shift – #5 Star Shift

Title:  Storm Shift
Series:  The Charming Shifter Mysteries #1
Author:  Calinda B
Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  July 11, 2017
Star Rating:  4

I often pick up a series-starter book, one of those no-cost titles to get a feel for a new to me author and discover if their work strikes a chord with me or not.  Storm Shift is one of those titles, and although it first was published in 2017, it’s still the first read for me so it’s all new and unexplored for this reader… and a perfect example of why I’m careful in reviews, trying not to give away spoilers to new readers.

Storm Shift caught my attention early on and held it throughout the story.  Chia is a fascinating character full of mystery, sass, attitude, magic, and strength… although she’s not aware of all she can do yet in the magical realm, she will fight for and defend her town from outside forces.  Her grandparents’ deaths at the lake make no sense at all, and Chia is determined to get to the bottom of that mystery.  Added to this newly elected Town Manager’s plate are a murder, a bounty hunter, and even more questions that have no answers – yet.

The world-building made Charming, Alaska come alive for me, the secondary characters added just enough to keep events interesting, and the overall feel of the story kept me reading until the end.  I liked Chia and Hung, have so many questions that I believe would be answered further into the series.  Will I come back?  Yes, I will return for the rest of the series, now comes the decision to binge-read or go with a monthly purchase… we shall see.

I own a Kindle edition of Storm Shift.

Available in audio or for the Kindle


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