Secrets of the Specter by Molly Fitz and L.A. Boruff

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I’m Mags McAllister, and I am an honest-to-goodness modern-day candlestick maker. I work in my family’s shop in the historic district of Larkhaven, Georgia, and also make a pretty penny from sharing videos of my process online.

My life is simple, quiet, and all mine… until a white cat with mismatched eyes shows up outside my shop and refuses to leave. When I take him home, things get really weird. As in, I can now see things and people that were never there before.

It gets even freakier when a voiceless spirit introduces herself to me via a handwritten letter. This specter claims that I share her name and will also share her fate if we can’t solve the mystery that’s haunted our town since 1781… and quickly because she won’t be able to maintain her strength for much longer.

Talk about a cold case! Can I find a way to free my eighteenth-century counterpart? Or has my new feline companion just signed my death warrant by opening my eyes to the secret supernatural plane in our otherwise sleepy small town?

Titles in The Meowing Medium series include — Secrets of the Specter – Gifts of the Ghost – Pleas of the Poltergeist –

This is an adult 18+ story that might contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Secrets of the Specter
Series:  The Meowing Medium #1
Author:  Molly Fitz & L. A. Boruff
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Released:  October 12, 2021
My Rating:  4 stars

Secrets of the Specter begins The Meowing Medium series with a story that has more twists than a pretzel, just as much saltiness at times, and is as satisfying as a huge, warm pretzel dipped in hot mustard.  I had fun with this one, and the rest of the series has been moved further to the top of my TBR pile because of that enjoyment.

Mags might think her life is rather mundane right now, sure, she’s a candlemaker which is unique, along with her aunt runs a candle shop catering to the tourists traveling through to the other magic in Florida, she might also know everyone in this sleepy, gossipy town and would swear that nothing exciting or unusual ever happens to her or to the town.  Well.  She’d be wrong on that because once she rescues a pure white cat with one blue eye and one brown eye her life will never be the same again.  And maybe that’s a good thing, should she survive that is.  Because that cat is far from normal and the lady she almost ran over on the way to the vet (for said cat) didn’t have to worry about being hit by a car for she’s already dead… ghostly dead.

From start to finish, Secrets of the Specter kept me in suspense and in laughter at the antics of some of the characters.  While there are touches of danger, and definitely a very old mystery to be solved, for the most part, I breezed through this one with more than a few chuckles.  The story flows smoothly from two authors I’ve enjoyed previously, with plenty of clues (not all are obvious), and the feeling of urgency, Mags and crew captured my imagination.  And now I need (no, really do need) to find out what happens next in Gifts of the Ghost.  I had fun, and whether that enjoyment comes from a new release or one that has been on my TBR pile doesn’t really matter when the story is good, engaging, and keeps me focused until the final page.  Love a good puzzle?  Then you’ll want to get started on this series yourself.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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