Second Chance Magic by Michelle M. Pillow

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Secrets broke her heart… and have now come back from the grave to haunt her.

So far, Lorna Addams’s forties are not what she expected. After a very public embarrassment, she finds it difficult to trust her judgment when it comes to new friendships and dating. She might be willing to give love a second chance when she meets the attractive William Warrick if only she could come to terms with what her husband did to her and leave it in the past.

How is a humiliated empty nest widow supposed to move on with her life? It’s not like she can develop a sixth sense, séance her ex back, force him to tell her why and give her closure. Or can she?

Titles in the Order of Magic series include – Second Chance Magic – Third Time’s A Charm  – The Fourth PowerThe Fifth Sense – The Sixth Spell –

Title:  Second Chance Magic
Series:  Order of Magic #1
Author:  Michelle M. Pillow
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  February 18, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Second Chance Magic begins the Order of Magic series with a story that is sure to break your heart and then allow you to watch as Lorna, and you, slowly heal that heart back again and perhaps a whole lot more as well.  It’s a story of betrayal so deep, developing friendships, sisterhood even deeper, and of starting over when it’s the very last thing you believe possible for yourself.  It hits on so many emotions, showcases a true women’s tribe of friends, and the possibility of romance in the future.  It also hits every mental checkbox I have for anything Paranormal – so, yeah, I loved this story and am now officially hooked on continuing this series.

Ya know, I’d love to really talk about Second Chance Magic because I did enjoy it so much, but I can’t see how to do that without saying things you should discover firsthand.  So, Lorna’s story is emotional, uplifting, and will hold you captive until the final page.  I got angry for her, laughed with her, embraced her new life along with her, and loved the new sisterhood she’s found and cannot wait for the other ladies’ stories.  Friendships, newly formed, will turn into something far more than she ever expected for herself – and love isn’t always a cruel betrayer either.  I would not hesitate to recommend this story and series to anyone who believes that life does not stop at 30, that magic is possible, and friendships will get us through anything.  Go, check this one out for yourself, you’ll be hooked as well.

I read this title when it was in Kindle Unlimited.  As you read this review it may no longer be in KU but will be available on all e-reader platforms.  No matter how you find Second Chance Magic you will find a story that will entertain, make you feel, and completely enjoy the time spent in this world.

**This review first appeared on my Keeper Bookshelf review blog.  I brought it here to a new home (also mine) among everything Paranormal.**

Available in paperback and for your e-reader (mine is Kindle)


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