Multi-Author Series

I’ll be the first to admit that I am completely addicted to series, the longer the series the happier I am – because I love getting wrapped up in a world, a community, a way of life for that particular group of characters.

Below you’ll find series by many authors wrapped up in the same world, all paranormal in some fashion.  Some are a mixture of supernatural creatures, others all the same.  What ties these stories together is that each one is written by a different author stepping into that world for a time.  So, let’s get started.

Crimson Moon Hideaway

Here you’ll find just about any paranormal being you ever thought existed (and maybe some new ones as well).  The one thing they all have in common is the vacation resort they all will visit to find their special someone.  Some of these titles are part (or the beginning of) other series – when that occurs I’ll make note of it in order to follow along with the other series if I want.  I started this series pretty much in the middle with a known author’s contribution to this world and wasn’t the least bit lost or confused.  Except when another series is involved, this list is in no particular order as each story can be read on its own.  If you’d like to learn more here’s a link to the Black Hollow / Crimson Moon Hideaway website.

  • Finding Her Wizard by Gracen Miller (18th in the Black Hollow series but seems to introduce the Crimson Moon Hideaway beginnings – uncertain if I’ll go back to Black Hollow) (time never enough time)
  • Muse Unleashed by Robbie Cox
  • Chimera’s Edge by Renee Hewett
  • Winning Paradise by Mireille Chester
  • Bearly Healed by Cassidy K. O’Connor
  • Save the Dragon by Sophie Stern
  • Awakening Fate by Lia Davis
  • Love’s Stage by Jennifer Wedmore
  • Feathers Afire by Mireille Chester
  • Fate’s Appeal by Roxanne Witherell
  • Shadow Dreams by C. D. Gorri
  • Whimsical Seduction by Robbie Cox
  • Unexpected Valentine by J. C. Layne
  • Cherish the Fallen by Cherron Riser (Sapphire Guardians #1)
  • Wicked Desires by J. A. Nolan (Positively Beastly #1)
  • Wicked Temptations by Cass Alex (Positively Beastly #2)
  • Time Wasn’t Ready by Terri A. Wilson (Women of the Fold #1)
  • When Reapers Fall by Terri A. Wilson (Women of the Fold #2)
  • Dragon Falling by Julia Mills (Dragon Intelligence Agency #1)