Motherducking Magic by Michelle Fox

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I’m the worst. Seriously. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, “Sylvie Orion is the world’s worst witch.” But being a supernatural bounty hunter requires more smarts than magic. So put that on your wand and suck it, beyotches.

When my latest client—a kleptomaniac werewolf—disappears, I’m on the hunt to drag him to justice. It should be a simple track ‘em and cuff ‘em operation, something I’ve done a hundred times before.

Instead, I somehow acquire an unwanted vampire sidekick, wake up in a ditch, and piss off half of shifter nation. It’s not fun, but it’s all survivable right up until I’m accused of being in cahoots with my skip trace to steal witchdom’s most wanted magical relic.

Everyone thinks I have it. And the bad guys are on me like a bad cameltoe hex. If they get this relic? Hell will look like paradise.

Forget the werewolf, I’ve got to find that relic and clear my name, or die trying.

Series – Bad Magic Bounty Hunter = #1 Motherducking Magic – #2 Motherducking Witches

Title:  Motherducking Magic
Series:  Bad Magic Bounty Hunter #1
Author:  Michelle Fox
Paranormal Romance Genre:  Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
Publication Date:  March 30, 2020
Star Rating:  3.5

Motherducking Magic begins the Bad Magic Bounty Hunter with a story that was fun, engaging, and in many ways sets up the rest of the series to come.

When the main character tells you (and I quote): “I’m the worst. Seriously. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, “Sylvie Orion is the world’s worst witch.” in the first line of the Cover Blurb, well, you’d best believe them ‘cos it is true.  Sylvie has very little witchy powers, but that doesn’t stop her from being a kick-butt and take names, type of paranormal bounty hunter.  And she’s off on a chase for a werewolf who jumped and ran… and Sylvie had no clue what she was about to get involved with on this jumper chase.

I had fun with this one — although it does sort of end on an almost cliffhanger (which normally puts me off the book or returning to the series right then) really, this time is more of a “waiting for what comes next” ending, I can’t really call it happy for now, but it’s close.

There is more to Sylvie than meets the eye as she’s about to find out through chasing down a werewolf, finding an ancient relic, dodging a persistent vampire, and, oh, yeah, being hunted herself by Shifter Nation.  There are questions left unanswered but you’ll find them in Motherducking Witches, and there’s no wait for that book is out already.

I enjoyed myself in this world, I will pick up the next to wrap up this current storyline – and I don’t know if there will be more titles, so I’ll make up my mind on continuing with this when that becomes apparent.  Because there is a mystery involved here I’m being vague on purpose.

I own a Kindle edition of Motherducking Magic.

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