Merlin the Magical Fluff by Molly Fitz

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My name is Gracie Springs, and I am not a witch… but I’m pretty sure my cat is.

I first started to get suspicious when he jumped just a little too high while chasing after a robin in our front yard. I knew for sure when he opened up his mouth and addressed me by name!

The first thing he told me? That he doesn’t like the name I gave him—even though “Fluffy” fits him like a warm sweater at Christmas. Now we’ve compromised on “Merlin the Magical Fluff,” which according to him references his long and proud lineage just fine.

After that small matter was settled, he informed me that I must uphold his secret or risk spending the rest of my life in some magical prison. I agreed, not knowing it would turn into a full-time job of covering his tracks and fibbing our way out of some pretty tight spots.

When my boss at the local coffee shop turns up dead as a dormouse, things go from challenging to practically impossible… especially since all my coworkers seem to think I’m to blame.

Here’s hoping my witchy cat can charm our way out of this one because right now it looks like I’m cursed if I do and charged with murder if I don’t. Yikes!

Titles in the Merlin the Magical Fluff series include — Merlin the Magical Fluff – Merlin Fights a Ghost – Merlin Kills a Zombie –

Title:  Merlin the Magical Fluff
Series:  Merlin the Magical Fluff #1
Author:  Molly Fitz
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  January 19, 2021
My Rating:  4 stars

I had fun with Merlin and Grace – witch and familiar in that order.  Merlin the Magical Fluff introduces us to this magical world where cats talk and humans are the familiar in the relationship – a bit of a topsy-turvy feel but it works.  And for snark and sassiness, you cannot beat a talking cat… ever.

Most of what you’d want to know before picking up this book can be found in the cover description.  And, really, as an introduction to this world kind of story, I was entertained and definitely intend to continue to follow Merlin’s and Grace’s adventures in the mystery-solving business.  There is world-building here in the first book of the series, and I didn’t mind getting to know the main characters and just how they came to be partners in crime-solving.

I laughed-out-loud often while reading Merlin the Magical Fluff, didn’t really solve anything on my own, and had a fun time overall.  And yes, this review is vague because I’m not about to give spoiler details away so if you love a fun Paranormal Cozy Mystery then you’ll enjoy yourself with this one.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in audio or for your favorite e-reader


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