Magic Uncorked by Annabel Chase

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Witches are created, not born.

The only magic word Libbie Stark seems to know these days is ‘ibuprofen’ thanks to a headache-inducing job, two teenagers, one ex-husband, and a deadbeat boyfriend—until the death of a friend brings unexpected consequences. Libbie and the other members of her weekly cocktail club are shocked to discover that their eccentric friend was a witch and that they are the recipients of her magical assets.

Libbie would’ve preferred to inherit an island beach house, especially when her life starts to unravel. With the help of the other Dread Pirate Witches and a handsome lawyer with a head of hair that Fabio would envy, Libbie strives to understand her gift and dig herself out of the hole she’s created, one cocktail at a time. The more her life changes, however, the more Libbie realizes that maybe the end of midlife as she knows it is exactly what she needs.

Titles in the Midlife Magic Cocktail Club series include –  Magic Uncorked – Bewitching Bitters – Vintage Spirits – Psychic on the Rocks (August 2021)


Title:  Magic Uncorked
Series:  Midlife Magic Cocktail Club #1
Author:  Annabel Chase
Genre:  PWF, Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Publication Date:  July 30, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I had such fun with Magic Uncorked, the first story in the Midlife Magic Cocktail Club series.  Although I’m a little late starting this series, in many ways that’s a good thing for me since now I can easily catch up before the next new release in August of 2021.

Five friends meet every week for cocktails, usually at Inga’s house.  An older woman full of life and experiences, Inga brings out the best in all of them.  When at their weekly girl’s night, just as they’re wrapping up Inga falls, gasping for breath.  She makes comments to Libbie that are shrouded a bit in mystery, or at least Libbie doesn’t understand what Inga is actually saying.  Inga has left this world at the grand age of 85 due to a heart attack.  Her friends are devastated, yet life for all of them – Libbie, Rebecca, Kate, and Julie  – is about to take some unusual twists that none of these women thought possible.  And they all thought menopause was the most emotional thing they’d ever go through… just wait for the magic to kick in.  Inga was a witch, and with her dying breath has passed her assets, her abilities on to her friends, yeah, life just got real interesting for these 40-something ladies!

Magic Uncorked was such a fun story that it would be so easy to just tell you the story right now because I want to talk about it… but that’s not what I’m going to do.  You need to watch this unfold for yourself and enjoy the magic that’s about to happen.  Libbie is the first to show any kind of magic, and it is rather unique to her.  For most of her life, Libbie has been the one overlooked, underappreciated, and often taken advantage of.  She’s divorced but on good terms with her ex.  She has two amazing kids, a job she hates, and a live-in boyfriend who, well, she’d be better off without.  As Libbie’s magic becomes evident she will change, she’ll find the strength to face far more than she ever could before.  Now, it’s time for Libbie to take control of her life.

I loved watching Libbie grow.  The changes benefited her greatly and didn’t change who she was, but let her find who she could be, at her core, when she started taking control, started saying no, and began to live her life as best fit her, no one else.  With the hint of a new romance, Libbie is about to take on the world, build her own dream, one special cocktail at a time.

The thing that draws me to Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) isn’t just the magical aspect, it’s more woman power, seeing a woman discover that although she’s been told that her best years are behind her she’s given the chance to prove that old tale completely wrong.  The power isn’t totally in the magic, it’s also in believing she can do anything she sets her mind to – and that is freeing.  Plus the magic, the hint of romance at an older age, and the crew of friends who are inseparable add that extra touch that will always put a smile on my face as I read PWF.

Get started on the Midlife Magic Cocktail Club series right now.  I’m hooked until the end now.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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