Love at First Spell by Samantha Silver

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Welcome to magical Fairy Falls, where love is in the air and killers are on the loose.

Mina Tiller, a high-powered advertising executive whose only goal is to get that corner office, never thought living life in the fast lane would mean actually getting hit by a car. But when she’s struck by a taxi and the cab comes out of it the loser, Mina discovers something her mother had been hiding from her for her whole life: Mina is a witch.

And you thought your family had secrets.

Traveling to the paranormal town of Fairy Falls, Mina almost immediately finds herself embroiled in controversy when a wizard is poisoned right in front of her.

Never one to sit on the sidelines, when Mina is asked to stay in town until the investigation is completed she decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her Pokemon-obsessed cousin and a talking cat with a dramatic streak, Mina sets about finding the killer.

Between crazy relatives, magical gym sessions, and dueling paranormal families, Mina quickly finds a murder investigation might be the most normal thing about Fairy Falls. And who exactly is the strange journalist with the gorgeous green eyes that she keeps running into?

However, as Mina gets closer to finding the murderer, she finds out that small towns don’t necessarily mean small secrets. Can Mina solve the case before the killer turns Mina’s new fairy tale life into a nightmare?

Series – Fairy Falls Mysteries = 1. Love at First Spell 2. Hex Over Heels – 3. Witches are from Venus –

Title:  Love at First Spell
Series:  Fairy Falls Mystery #1
Author:  Samantha Silver
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  August 8, 2020
Star Rating:  4

There hasn’t been a Samantha Silver book yet that I haven’t completely enjoyed or gotten caught up in her magical world – and Love at First Spell, the beginning of the Fairy Falls Mystery series is another example of why I enjoy and read this author… a lot.

Mina is a hard-working advertising executive determinedly edging her way to that higher job title and, of course, that much-desired corner office.  She’s getting there… right up until the moment that her life changed forever by a discovery of not only a different magical realm (town) but that she is a heredity witch with powers she never imagined.

Learning you’re a witch is one thing, a magical realm set apart from the human’s world is another thing – but discovering that you’re stuck in this new magical town until you solve a murder is beyond anything Mina ever encountered.  Now, what’s she supposed to do to get back home?  And, does she really want to now that she’s tasted magic’s power and met some pretty amazing and unusual… people?

I had such a good time with Love at First Spell.  If you’ve followed any of Ms. Silver’s other series then you’ll feel comfortable back in her world again.  Mina is charming, funny, and dives right into solving a murder and discovering her magic abilities, as well as family she never knew existed.  She (and we) will be meeting some intriguing characters – some good, some not – but all will add to Mina’s journey to find out who the ultimate villain is in Fairy Falls.

I’m not going to spoil any of this adventure for you – so know that Love at First Spell is a portal into another fun, interesting, and, at times, outrageous Paranormal Cozy Mystery series that already has me hook and ready for more.  I’m betting you’ll enjoy your time in Fairy Falls.  I’m about to dive into Hex Over Heels, the second story in the series – and just typing that put a smile on my face.  So, yeah.  I’m hooked on the series from the start.

I own a Kindle edition of Love at First Spell.

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