Karma Inc by Melanie James

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Witches, Werebears, and Imps. Oh my

Waiting for Karma is fine—for the patient. But for the rest of us, it sure would be nice to give Karma a little nudge every once in a while.

Was it one too many dates that turned out to be losers or liars? Have a problem with two-faced backstabbers? And don’t even start with the so-called customer service centers. There comes a day when enough is really, truthfully, enough already. For Kelly and Esmeralda, two snarky single witches, that day was yesterday. After applying their witchcraft to dish out a little magical payback, they realize they have a penchant for the dark art of revenge. And who’s to say a witch can’t make a few bucks with a talent like that?

Doing the odd job was fun and gratifying. Then along came an unusual client with a pitch for an idea, “Karma Inc.-Reality TV.” The witches set up shop in the sleepy little town of Caldron Falls, Wisconsin. By enabling the good citizens to settle old scores, they hoped to transform the town into a virtual coliseum of televised revenge. It didn’t take long before a few inconvenient and unexpected dead bodies began to pile up. To complicate matters, Caldron Falls just happens to have more than its fair share of paranormal creatures, not to mention a Chicago mobster seemingly bent on taking over the town.

Can Esmeralda and Kelly solve the rash of unexplained deaths before they get the blame and end up behind bars? What will Marie Laveau and the Witches Union have to say about this? And as any fool knows, Karma carries a round-trip ticket.

This paranormal romantic comedy contains witches, imps, shifters, and a Reality TV show! Karma Inc contains adult language and situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Series – Karma, Inc. Files = #1 Karma Inc – #2 Mission Impawsible – #3 Shame of Clones

Karma, Inc. is a spin-off series from the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries series

Title:  Karma Inc
Series:  Karma, Inc. Files #1
Author:  Melanie James
Paranormal Romance Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  July 14, 2015
Star Rating:  4

If you’ve read the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries series (which I have) then you’ll love dropping back into that world — if you have not, never fear, you can step into the Karma, Inc. Files world right at this point without a bit of trouble. Karma, Inc. begins the, well, the Karma, Inc. Files series which is a spin-off of the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries series.  It’s an older series, but when you’re reading it for the first time it’s all new to you.

I had fun with this story.  Imagine the ability to use your magical powers to dish out karma to those who truly deserve it – get paid for that service – and take it all on the air in a new reality television show.  Yep, karma’s a… witch and she’s in town ready to rock ‘n roll on some folks who have not been as kind as they should have been to others.  But Caldron Falls isn’t exactly your average, totally human small town.  No, this location has far more than its fair share of paranormal residents – and things are about to get deadly.

I absolutely love the friendship between Kelly and Esmeralda (Ezzy), these girlfriends certainly have each other’s backs.  Add into the mix some new friends (or not), some of the gang from the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries, flashbacks to tell some of this tale, romance on the horizon for our girls, black magic repercussions, and dead bodies.  What’s not to love?  Oh, and an imp who I adore.

As with any title that has a mystery involved I’m very vague on details in reviews.  So, the simple fact is that I enjoyed myself with Kelly and friends, the story gave me more than a few chuckles, as well as keeping me entertained during this pandemic lifestyle I’m living.  I’ll be continuing this series because it was a fun read for me, and I don’t need any other reason than that.

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