Hex Over Heels by Samantha Silver

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Welcome to magical Fairy Falls, where love is in the air and killers are on the loose.

Mina Tiller has just moved to the paranormal world, but her first potions lesson goes horribly wrong when she ends up on the bad side of a local witch, and that same witch shows up murdered a few hours later.

With Mina and Scarlett both prime suspects, the two of them decide their only choice is to solve yet another murder. But between navigating magic lessons, Pawdrey Hepburn deciding to use up all her nine lives at once, and discovering things she never knew about her family, Mina’s wondering if she’s going to be able to keep it all together and solve the case before she finds her new life is actually going to be spent behind bars.

Series – Fairy Falls Mysteries = 1. Love at First Spell – 2. Hex Over Heels 3. Witches are from Venus – Sealed with a Curse –

Title:  Hex Over Heels
Series:  Fairy Falls Mysteries #2
Author:  Samantha Silver
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  August 6, 2020
Rating:  4 stars

Hex Over Heels continues the Fairy Falls Mysteries series with another fun misadventure for Mina and Scarlett (fun for us, not so much for them at times).

This time all it took was one mishap, one tiny accident with a potion tipping where it shouldn’t have to cause trouble, chaos… and murder.  Now, it’s up to Mina, Pawdrey Hepburn, and Scarlett to save them from a life behind bars as all the evidence is pointing to the wrong person – Scarlett.

I chuckled my way through Hex Over Heels not bothering much to try to solve the crime but enjoy the story of getting to the who actually is guilty.  And as with the first story, Love at First Spell, I enjoyed myself in this world.  It’s full of interesting, unique characters, a touch of danger, lots of magic, and characters that draw me into their adventures.  As this is a Cozy Mystery I’m not going to give anything away, but if you love a good mystery with a paranormal slant, and chuckling out loud, then you’ll want to get caught up on the Fairy Falls Mysteries series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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