Finding Her Wizard by Gracen Miller

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Nestled between redemption and damnation, Crimson Moon Hideaway was supposed to be a safe haven for the paranormal. Thanks to an unlikely nemesis, it’s anything but a refuge.

Jianna has a Valkyrie spirit and is fed up with Thad McNally’s stunts. Dumping Thad’s body in a watery grave sounds like a great idea but isn’t a viable option. So, she calls in reinforcements to protect the resort and her people. Jianna never expected hunky, heartthrob Hollywood actor, Caleb Weston, to offer her aid. Or that he is the infamous Merlin.

Merlin is no stranger to trouble. He’s solved countless problematic situations during his lifetime. The legend of King Arthur is only the tip of the iceberg. After his recent breakup with his long-time fiancée, he’s eager to help his best friend protect a paranormal oasis. But he gets more than he bargained for… a goddess bent on world domination, and a mate already married to another man.

Caught in the crosshairs of a goddess’ schemes, are they too late to halt her diabolical plans?

Although I have not yet read the entire Black Hollow series it spins-off into the Crimson Moon Hideaway series — all of the Crimson Moon Hideaway titles are by multiple authors, all are standalone titles within the Crimson Moon Hideaway world.  You can find all of the titles in these series, reading order, and authors at the official Black Hollow / Crimson Moon Hideaway website.

Aside from the beginning novel of Finding Her Wizard, watch this space for other titles in the Crimson Moon Hideaway that have been reviewed at Paranormal-y Romantic. 🙂

Title:  Finding Her Wizard
Series:  Black Hollow #18 (introduction to Crimson Moon Hideaway spin-off)
Author:  Gracen Miller
Paranormal Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  October 15, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

While it is unusual for me to review a story smack in the middle of any series, this time I’m making an exception to that rule of mine since Finding Her Wizard is the story that introduces the spin-off series, Crimson Moon Hideaway.  There will come a time when I’ll go back and start the Black Hollow series, but that time is not right now for there are far too many books on my schedule that needed to be read yesterday.

Jianna will do anything she can to protect her new resort, the people who work there, and their guests from whatever dangers come their way – human or otherwise.  She’s reached out to an old friend to get the same type of protection around her friend’s own small town.  What Jianna didn’t expect was the handsome, and infamous, wizard, Merlin himself to show up with her.  Or to recognize that here was her fate standing right in front of her.  While Jianna was long-lived, and with an adopted daughter of her heart in her life, she’d never thought to feel this connection, this knowing.  Now she just had to ensure that they all lived to enjoy it.

Merlin has seen and done many things in his long lifetime, yet the one event that has seemed to pass him by was discovering his mate.  Well.  It appears that fate works on its own time and a mere wizard has no say in that timing.  His mate was stunning, powerful, and in need of help.  For now, they had a puzzle to figure out and a very unique property to set wards of protection in place.  Their time has finally come, but so has intense danger – before the happy ending the battle must be won.

Finding Her Wizard sets up the spin-off series so well in a way that feels like a natural progression to a neighboring town.  There are certainly lots of magical beings to be found in Crimson Moon Hideaway – but not all are friendly, some are downright dangerous and deadly.  Jianna’s and Merlin’s romance is a sexy, fast-paced story full of laughter, old friends, charm, and a need to know more about them all.  It also has an element of danger, some hidden, some in plain sight if you know where to look.  Yet all parts of this introductory story bring a feeling of adventure, sizzling chemistry, and a diverse cast of characters to please any reader.

I’m glad that I took the time to search out how the Crimson Moon Hideaway series begins for I now have a better base understanding as I move forward through some of the stories set in this magical resort.  What I also like is that while some authors do return for more (or even connected) stories, the diversity of not only characters but plot lines allows readers to follow the series but not feel like they’re missing vital parts of a woven thread if they decided to skip some stories along the way.  I had a blast here and I’m ready to dive into another series that will keep me entertained for quite a while.

I own a Kindle edition of Finding Her Wizard.

Available for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.




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