Down the Hatch by Constance Barker

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An Arrow to the Heart is No Loving Matter

Helga owns an antique shop in the bustling French Quarter in New Orleans. She’s a witch with fiery silver eyes when her witchiness takes control. But right now she’s burdened with three ghosts who like to keep her company while working. But that’s not the worst of it. When a dead body with an arrow to the heart lies in her path, will she be the one who is blamed? The ornery critter had a jealous wife. Or maybe the arrow has a significant meaning. Could Cupid be on the warpath? Is the deadly deed black magic or evil lurking in the mundane world?

Helga’s coven consists of Gwen her sister, and friends from the Shear Magic hair salon. Can they help her or is one of them to blame.

Jacob, the detective in town, is an old school chum of Helga’s. While he may not possess the skills Helga has, he does have a few of his own, not counting his dreamy eyes.

Series – Witches Be Crazy = 1. Down the Hatch 2. Down But Not Dead – 3. Down and Out – 4. Down and Dirty – 5. Down in Flames – 6. Down for the Count –

Title:  Down the Hatch
Series:  Witches Be Crazy #1
Author:  Constance Barker
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Publication Date:  May 13, 2020
Star Rating:  4

Down the Hatch begins the Witches Be Crazy series with a fun, intriguing Cozy Mystery of the Paranormal Kind… and a puzzle to figure out before more people end up dead.

Helga owns an antique shop – along with the three ghosts who share the space with her, one, in particular, has been searching for a beloved necklace for decades and is quite vocal in her distress at not finding it.  Roxanne is a wailing ghost that we’ll get to know very well.

The town drunk and notorious flirt (although a married man) has gotten on Helga’s last nerve so she kicked him out of the antique shop.  Little did she know that soon she will see Thomas again – hidden behind a dumpster, an arrow through his heart.  Somehow, as the person who found the body in this small magical town that makes Helga the main suspect in almost everyone’s eyes.  But now Helga has not only her innocence to prove but a murderer to find… and the clues are few and far in between.  Time for this witch to solve a puzzle that will have twists, a few red herrings, and an interesting conclusion – all in good time.

I enjoyed Down the Hatch.  Although the actual killer was among my suspects they weren’t a strong one… just shows how bad I’d be at detective work.  Good thing I read any Cozy Mystery to discover the how and why of the story and not necessarily the who did it part.

If you love solving puzzles, a touch of magic, and a really good Paranormal Cozy Mystery then you’ll want to get started on this series soon.  I’ll be binge-reading the series since many of the titles are already out now.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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