Bitten in the Midlife by Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff

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Jilted at the altar a month before her fortieth birthday. Poor Hailey. Midlife really does have a crisis. Or is it that midlife is the crisis? Either way, it sucks.

Hailey Whitfield can’t take any more run-ins with her ex. It’s time for a big change.

She’s never considered moving away, but it’s her best plan yet. Bonus – her bestie lives next door! However, her new neighbor is… weird, to say the least. Extremely hot, but odd. So are his friends. But Hailey will take strange neighbors over facing her lying, cheat, deadbeat ex-fiancé all day, any day.

Finding a job in a new town is more challenging than she realizes. With her savings depleted from the move, Hailey has to suck it up and take what she gets. After taking a job as a private nurse for an injured bounty hunter, things start to look up.

Then a skip falls into her lap. Okay, sure. She was being nosy and reading an incoming fax intended for her patient. But with a little encouragement, Hailey takes on the task of tracking down the skip. It’s easy money. Right?

Wrong. This skip is far more than Hailey bargained for. And her life is about to change in a very bloody and pointy kind of way. What a bite in the… Well, you know.

With the help of her witchy best friend and her new, very pale neighbor, Hailey is going to collect her bounty.

Or die trying.

Titles in the Fanged After Forty series include – Bitten in the Midlife – Staked in the Midlife –

*This series is a spin-off from the Witching After Forty series, those titles include – A Ghoulish Midlife – Cookies for Satan – I’m With Cupid – A Cursed Midlife – A Girlfriend for Mr. Snoozerton – A Haunting Midlife – An Animated Midlife – A Killer Midlife –

Title:  Bitten in the Midlife
Series:  Fanged After Forty #1
Author:  Lia Davis & L.A. Boruff
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Publication Date:  July 16, 2021
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Bitten in the Midlife begins the Fanged After Forty series (which is a spin-off of the Witching After Forty series) with a delightfully funny and engaging tale of one woman’s slightly out of control life after being jilted at the altar… and falling into a world she only knew bits and pieces of before.  Hailey might have a witch as a best friend, but there’s more than witchcraft happening around her new life and Hailey is about to discover a world that is both fascinating and dangerous.

If you are a reader of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and the Witching After Forty series then you might have briefly met Hailey in A Haunting Midlife.  She’s now in her new home, attempting to set up her new life and get on with whatever comes next for her.  You don’t have to have read the earlier series to enjoy this one, but if you can go back to Witching After Forty, you’ll find fun, engaging, likable characters who may have a connection to Hailey’s series.  The authors say, and I agree, that you could pick up this first book in the new series and dive right in and enjoy yourself immensely – but if you want more background then it’s available in the earlier series.

I liked Hailey from the start.  She’s fed up, mad, and ready to put the past behind her immediately.  But, there’s that pesky thing about life that requires cash for groceries and such so she’s taken on a private duty nursing job.  Her patient, Cleo, is a midlife bounty hunter (and I hope we see more of Cleo because she’s one of my favorite secondary characters in this book).  Since Hailey is no stranger to the bounty hunting game, even if it was only as a helper, that peak at the new fax about a skip was just too tempting to pass up.  Well.  That fax and this particular skip are about to change Hailey’s life… forever.  Literally Forever.

I had such a good time with Bitten in the Midlife and chuckled while shaking my head throughout it.  Without giving too much away, I’m in love myself with Hailey’s potential love interest, the possibilities for them are endless.  With a touch of magic, some encounters with danger, and a not-so-secure and safe future ahead this story was the perfect way to enter into Hailey’s new world.  I’m already hooked on this series and waiting impatiently for the release of Staked in the Midlife.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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