Awakening Fate by Lia Davis

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Haunted by nightmares of shapeshifting wolves, Noelle Griffen can’t seem to move past the tragedy that claimed her parents. Though she would like to keep the painful memory deeply buried, she continues to work on resolving it with the help of her therapist. And when she receives a mysterious invitation to the newly opened Crimson Moon Hideaway resort, it’s her therapist who encourages Noelle to step out of her comfort zone and take the vacation she deserves.

Wolf shifter Wyatt Nelson is licking his wounds. On the orders of his Alpha, whom he served as a personal guard, Wyatt is recuperating physically and mentally at the Crimson Moon Hideaway. Losing his leg, his pride, and possibly his position at the right hand of his pack Alpha has devastated both man and wolf. But when his path crosses with his mate — a human who fears wolves — all of his primal instincts return. The need to claim Noelle is strong, but first, he must reign in his wolf and gain her trust. Whatever happens, letting her walk away is not an option.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Although I have not yet read the entire Black Hollow series it spins-off into the Crimson Moon Hideaway series — all of the Crimson Moon Hideaway titles are by multiple authors, all are standalone titles within the Crimson Moon Hideaway world.  You can find all of the titles in these series, reading order, and authors at the official Black Hollow / Crimson Moon Hideaway website.

Title:  Awakening Fate
Series:  Crimson Moon Hideaway #6
Author:  Lia Davis
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  January 7, 2021
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Awakening Fate is listed as the sixth title in the Crimson Moon Hideaway series, but in my opinion, it can be read on its own without any feeling of missing something.  Although, if you are new to this spin-off series from the Black Hollow series, I would recommend strongly reading Black Hollow: Finding Her Wizard as that sets up the introduction of the spin-off series and the main background characters… not necessary but it helps in seeing how this world came to be.

As a child, Noelle watched her parents being savagely murdered by a supernatural creature, she knows this but no one believes her.  She has grown into a woman who holds on to the fears of that night, terrified of anything paranormal, avoids people, and reluctantly listens to her therapist who has suggested a surprising vacation at a specific resort.  What Noelle doesn’t know is that at this resort she will be surrounded by those she fears most, and the one man, the one paranormal who could hold the answers as well as love and protect her for the rest of her life.  Her mate.  She may have no reason to trust Wyatt at first, but the sizzling attraction and connection are hard to ignore.

Wyatt’s life had drastically changed recently.  He was a bodyguard to his Alpha, his friend until an injury cost him his leg.  While he and his wolf may be adjusting to the amputation it still has allowed questions to form as to whether he can continue to guard his Alpha.  He’s been sent to this same spa as Noelle to rest, get his head on straight, and return in a better frame of mind.  He has no idea that his mate awaits him… or the danger that they both will soon face, for perhaps no one believed Noelle years ago, but one paranormal intends to make certain that no one ever will.

Awakening Fate is a fast-paced, sexy sizzling chemistry romance that brings Noelle and Wyatt to exactly where they need to be to find each other.  It’s short but packs a powerful emotional and sensuous punch.  I adored Wyatt.  He’s been handed a challenge, a new type of life and he is handling it well considering.  His need and ability to protect Noelle wasn’t hampered by the loss of his leg – slowed down maybe, a different approach perhaps but his fierce protection of his mate is strong and able.  Noelle’s growth throughout their story was satisfying to watch – and the villain as vile as you would expect.  I enjoyed myself in this world and plan to return soon.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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