Aged to Perfection: A Magical PWF Collection by various authors

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Featuring 19 all-new tales spotlighting women forty and over having the time of their midlife.

Those aren’t gray hairs, they’re strands of glitter letting the world know you’re fabulous. So adjust your crown and join us as we celebrate women who are fabulous, over forty, and aged to perfection in this magical paranormal women’s fiction romance collection. Includes stories from some of today’s top PWF authors, NY Times, and USA TODAY bestsellers, as well as new emerging voices in the genre.

Includes 19 brand new never before released stories from:
Mandy M. Roth–Running with the Devil
Michelle M. Pillow–Merely Mortal
Robyn Peterman–My Big Fat Hairy Wedding
Kristen Painter–Code Name: Mockingbird
Yasmine Galenorn–Weaver’s Web
Milly Taiden–Surviving Midlife
Renee George–The Age of Inno-Scents
Jenna Rivers–Spell of a Time
Reggi Dupree–Midlife Collision
Shéa MacLeod–Day of the Were-Jackal
Christine Gael–The Bargain
Charise M. Studesville–The Perks of Being A Hoodoo Rose
Christine Zane Thomas–A Touch of Twilight
Macy Dixon–Midlife Shelf Life
Stephanie Berchiolly–Train Bound to Forty
Nicole Rosas–Eternal
Bobby Leigh–Snow Hill: Hexed On A Feeling
Jade Greenberg–Magic Takes Manhattan
Aaron M. Cabrera–The Invention of Magic

Title:  Aged to Perfection: PWF Collection
Author:  Various Authors
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Released:  February 15, 2022
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Aged to Perfection brings together nineteen authors writing in the Paranormal Women’s Fiction genre to give us some pretty amazing stories, and perhaps discover some new to us authors as well.  I know I now have some new backlist to go check out from some of these authors!

It had been my intention to write a bit of an opinion about every story in this collection – but quite frankly, that review was way too long (because I cannot seem to stop at one line) so I’m going for the generalized review with apologies for not delving deeper into each one.

My favorite?  Milly Taiden’s Surviving Midlife.  Second favorite?  Mandy M. Roth’s Running with the Devil.  Most unique storyline?  Nicole Rosas’ Eternal.  Frankly, there isn’t a bad story in the bunch, simply ones that will appeal to different reading audiences.  Loved every single “Original Fab 13” author’s contributions.  Enjoyed others.  Definitely found some new authors to check out (oh, my poor TBR pile!).  And in all, had a very good time with Aged to Perfection.

I would recommend this to any PWF reader, or those who want a taste of an author’s style before diving into their backlist.  I’d show you where you could get a copy of this for yourself… but I cannot find it.  I did not think this was a limited edition, but I could have been wrong.  I know it’s on my Kindle so I’m going to protect my copy that’s for certain!

UPDATE!!  Yep, it was limited time and I somehow missed that.  The mistake was totally mine, and my eyes apparently.  🙁

I had fun here.  Loved some, liked others, didn’t find any that I couldn’t stand to finish… so overall, a good read!

I own a Kindle edition of this title.


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