2022 Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges can be a fun way to whittle down an overflowing TBR tower of doom or to keep track of what’s been actually read during the year.  I haven’t found a lot of Challenges that are specifically “Paranormal” in nature so I’ve, well, adjusted a couple to fit in with my reading tastes for 2022.

Each Reading Challenge listed or that I’m taking part in has its own unique rules and guidelines.  Be sure to click on the graphic with the link OR the word link in each section to go to that Reading Challenge’s sign-up page.


I “have” to start with the one I always, always take part in — Goodreads yearly reading challenge.  Now, the graphic and such for 2022 is not yet available but when it is that graphic and link will go right here.  I won’t be listing books though because you can see the titles of the books I’ve read each year at the very bottom of the page (or currently read on the sidebar).




What An Animal Reading Challenge 2022 over at Socrates’ Book Reviews has been going on for a few years now — and they’ve done a twist where “turns into an animal” stories (like my love of Shifters ‘n Paranormal Beings) so that’s a twist already in place.  If you love stories with any animal as a character or one that turns into an animal then you’ll want to check out this Reading Challenge — I should put this on my Shifter Haven website, and maybe I will do both places… we shall see. 🙂

Titles that I’ve read so far:







2022 Craving for Cozies Reading Challenge over at Escape with Dollycas Into A Good Book is one of those that I’m going to twist a bit to fit my love of Paranormal Cozy Mysteries.  🙂  Check this one out if you love a good Cozy Mystery no matter in what sub-genre.  I’m going for the “Starving” level which maxes out at 100.  Knowing how much I love these types of stories, I believe I can do that over the course of the year… guess we’ll see, right?  🙂

Titles I’ve read so far:








2022 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge (hosted by/at Celebrity Readers is one that I really need because that is a goal of mine for 2022, finishing up the series that I’ve started across so many genres and just haven’t completed or gotten up to date with yet.  Well, that stops this year!  *Determined Glint in Eyes*

Titles I’ve read so far: